Stahlin Enclosures Haiti Empowerment Project Case Study

When the Ohio State University student group the Solar Education and Outreach needed to find an enclosure to protect solar control equipment for the Haiti Empowerment Project they needed to ensure that the enclosures would withstand UV exposure and other environmental hazards. Find out why they chose Stahlin J series enclosures in Stahlin Enclosures Haiti Empowerment Project Case Study.


The people of Haiti have undergone many hardships and that is why the Haiti Empowerment Project was created. It brings the intellectual and material resources of Ohio State University (OSU) together with Haitian counterparts to assist in the development and implementation of culturally relevant projects.

An Ohio State University student group, Solar Education and Outreach, a student chapter of the American Solar Energy Society, initiated a sustainable project for Haiti after members had learned that one of Haiti’s largest problems is the lack of electricity — specifically for lighting. A decision was made that during 2012 the group would add electricity and lighting to a small school in Haiti by installing a complete solar powered energy system. One significant challenge was how to properly protect the solar panel controls.

Fiberglass J1614HW enclosures, from Stahlin Non-Metallic Enclosures, were…Read More

Stahlin Enclosures Haiti Empowerment Project Case Study