Roxtec Oil Sands Project Application Case Study

The Athabasca oil sands in northeastern Alberta make the total oil reserves of Canada the second largest in the world after Saudi Arabia’s. Global oil companies are rushing to separate oil from sand – trying to handle the expensive field labor in the booming area. Learn how Roxtec cable entry seals helped provide a versatile solution for routing cables to their control centers in the Roxtec Oil Sands Project Application Case Study.


Norwegian Statoil invests in the production of heavy crude oil from Canadian oil sands. To make this project profitable, the operator must deal with safety issues and extreme labor costs. When specifying Roxtec cable seals, Statoil chose the right solution at the right place and time.

The seals were quickly installed around multiple cables to protect crucial equipment. “With Roxtec, we got better sealing and most likely lower labor costs,” says Kolja de Regt, Senior Electrical Engineer of KDR Consulting Ltd and owner’s representative for the project.

The Statoil Leismer project uses the extraction technology SAGD, steam assisted gravity drainage, to obtain the crude oil. In short, you drill two parallel horizontal wells into the deep reservoir. You inject steam in the upper well to heat the sand and reduce the oil’s viscosity. The oil drains into…>>Read More

Roxtec Oil Sands Project Application Case Study