Rittal Purge and Pressurization White Paper

What is the function of purge/pressurization systems?  What standards apply to purge and pressurization? Find out in Rittal’s purge and pressurization white paper.


Purging/pressurization systems permit the safe operation of electrical/electronic equipment under hazardous conditions when approved hazardous location equipment is not part of the application or the equipment is rated but to a lesser hazardous location than is present.

Purging is defined as a process of supplying a flow of clean air or an inert 
gas to the inside of an enclosure or motor to reduce hazardous internal airborne impurities to an acceptable safe level. The flow must provide the enclosure interior with a positive pressure greater than the ambient pressure to be sufficient to take the hazardous elements out of the enclosure or motor to this acceptable level.

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Purge / Pressurization Whitepaper