Rittal Practical Benefits of Modular Industrial Enclosures White Paper

One of the greatest benefits of Rittal’s enclosures is their modular construction that allows you to create an industrial control panel that perfectly suits your application, with no unnecessary or useless components. Read their white paper titled “The Practical Benefits of Modular Industrial Enclosures” for an in-depth look at cost savings that modular enclosure systems can provide that traditional unibody enclosures do not.

Modular freestanding enclosures offer a number of key advantages when compared to traditional unibody enclosures. Many times these attributes are overlooked either out of a false perception of increased enclosure costs, a reluctance to change or a simple lack of awareness to the possible benefits of modular solutions. This white paper seeks to provide a clearer understanding, for both integrators and end users alike, of the benefits offered by modular enclosures and by doing so…
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