Protecting Your Industrial Control Panels During Hole Drilling

Since having to replace your electrical enclosure can be expensive, it is important to ensure that the holes cut in a panel are all precise and accurate and that panels aren’t damaged by shavings during the drilling process. One way to do so would be to apply pre-mask application tape. It helps protect your panels from shavings and also helps visualize where the holes need to go prior to cutting. Simply apply a layer of tape to the back of the panel and mark all of your holes with a pencil (reference image 1 below).


Once all of your holes are marked and you have ensured that they are accurate, proceed to hole drilling. The pre-mask application tape catches the shavings hole drilling creates and helps protect your panel from associated scratches. We recommend using two layers of application tape on stainless steel enclosures as the higher tensile strength of those shavings may allow them to scratch through one layer.


Once you have drilled all of the holes you can then brush off the shavings and peel back the application tape. As you can see in the image below, the result is very clean, non-scratched panels that are ready for you to use.


The pre-mask application tape can also be used to provide extra protection during transportation.


***Special thanks to CSE Services for providing us with this innovative application topic and allowing us to take application images in their shop.


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