Panduit Next Generation High-Speed Transport Systems White Paper

Panduit Laboratories have designed a next-generation PANDUIT® TX6A™ 10GIG™ UTP Copper Cabling System which utilizes innovative cable matrix tape technology and advanced connector compensation techniques to yield revolutionary channel performance. This new UTP cable design addresses customer’s preference for smaller and round shaped Category 6A cable without compromising performance. Find out more about this innovative product in Panduit’s Next Generation High-Speed Transport Systems white paper.

PANDUIT® TX6A™ 10GIG™ Spec Sheet


The deployment of Category 6A copper cabling system has been increasing rapidly as enterprises enable their physical infrastructure with 10 Gb/s capacity to support Smart Data Center server virtualization, I/O consolidation, switch-up links for parallel processing, and convergence of back-bone links applications. While the use of Category 6A cabling has been growing significantly in High Speed Data Transport (HDST) systems, a number of deployment challenges remain which impede…

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