Hyundai Motor HHI10-18-215T


Hyundai’s 10HP AC Induction Crown Triton Motor was developed to deliver quality, reliability, and efficiency at a reasonable price.  The three phase induction motor features low noise, cool running, low vibration performance, and weighs 165 lbs.  It is reasonable in size at 11.02×20.36×11.26 inches and can operate at either 230V or 460V with 25.6 and 12.8 amps at full load, respectively.  It meets premium efficiency standards and is inverter ready in order to maximize the efficiency of your power system and minimize your electrical bill.  See the table below for the motor’s efficiency and power factors at various loads:


Efficiency Power Factor
100% Load 91.7% 80.5%
75% Load 91.7% 76.0%
50% Load 89.7% 66.0%


The motor is also quiet, featuring a 69 dB(A) sound pressure level one meter away, slightly louder than the noise produced by a person speaking.  In addition, the motor can handle hot temperatures and operates at a maximum ambient temperature of 149°F at 1.0 SF and has a durable cast iron frame and conduit box.

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