DENSO MovinCool’s Hawaiian Chocolate Factory Case Study

Read DENSO MovinCool’s Hawaiian Chocolate Factory case study to learn how MovinCool portable air conditioners helped a Hawaiian chocolate factory keep their product cool in a tropical environment.


While this candy factory doesn’t have OompaLoompas like “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” or Johnny Depp at the helm, it does have a great candy maker, a sweet ending and lots of Aloha spirit. How do you keep delicious chocolate-dipped macadamia nuts from softening during production and packaging in a tropical manufacturing plant? Roll in MovinCool® portable spot air-conditioning units.

Hawaiian Host®, founded in 1927, was the first company to create chocolate-dipped macadamia nuts. The headquarters and main production plant is located on the Island of Oahu, Hawaii. In summer months, temperatures average in the high 80’sº F with 60-70% humidity. “It’s hot and humid and we have all this equipment running which adds even more heat,” said Lito Aquiat, plant manager and employee with Hawaiian Host for over…>>Read More

DENSO MovinCool's Hawaiian Chocolate Factory Case Study