Panduit Control Panel Optimization White Paper

For an in-depth look at how to optimize your industrial control panel using noise mitigation, environmental protection, space optimization, and security and safety measures read Panduit’s control panel optimization white paper.


Industrial automation systems are undergoing dramatic changes that require businesses to adopt new
strategies to fully utilize industrial Ethernet, advanced motor controls and controller architectures to improve
efficiencies, increase productivity and drive out costs. Control panel designers are struggling to address these
issues and new design requirements that can arise as they work to ensure that automation systems deliver high
performance and system availability… Read More …

Rittal Practical Benefits of Modular Industrial Enclosures White Paper

One of the greatest benefits of Rittal’s enclosures is their modular construction that allows you to create an industrial control panel that perfectly suits your application, with no unnecessary or useless components. Read their white paper titled “The Practical Benefits of Modular Industrial Enclosures” for an in-depth look at cost savings that modular enclosure systems can provide that traditional unibody enclosures do not.
Modular freestanding enclosures offer a number of key advantages when compared to traditional unibody enclosures. Many times these attributes are overlooked either out of a false perception of increased enclosure costs, a reluctance to change or… Read More …

Rittal Hazardous Locations White Paper

What are hazardous locations? What do the different types of hazardous location classes mean? What are the different types of hazard protection? Find out in Rittal’s hazardous locations white paper.


The Explosion Triangle
This triangle illustrates the three basic ingredients necessary for combustion to occur. In hazardous locations, the fuel source can be in the form of flammable vapors, liquids, gases, combustible dust or fibers with the oxidizer being oxygen in the surrounding air. With these two ingredients present in their most easily ignitable concentration and the introduction of sufficient electrical or thermal energy, ignition will result… Read More …

Rittal Enclosure Materials White Paper

Selecting an enclosure made of the correct material for your application ensures that your enclosure will last as long as possible and will save you money in the long run. For in-depth tips on enclosure material selection, strength of materials, differences between stainless steel T304 and T316, and cost of materials… Read More …