Best Practices: Keeping Electrical Control Panels Clean During Assembly

As many of you know, one metal shaving inside an electrical control panel has the ability to make control panel components malfunction, which can lead to expensive and time-consuming repairs. The best way to ensure control panel cleanliness and component longevity is to focus on cleanliness in every aspect of your panel from the assembly process on.


In our last blog post we detailed an application for 3M masking tape that helps protect your electrical control panels from metal shavings during assembly. To ensure that all of the metal shavings created by hole drilling are removed, you can apply the masking tape to the side opposite your original holes and drill from that side. This will pull out any remaining metal shavings and the masking tape will once again catch those shavings and protect from scratching. That same masking tape can also help keep the inside of your control panels clean during transportation. If you have open holes for panel views or other components that you are going to install onsite, you can cover those with the masking tape to ensure no dust or any other hazardous materials get into your control panel during transportation.