Belden Cable That Saves Space

In today’s market, you face the dual challenges of more compact machine designs and the need to connect more devices in shrinking floor space. Don’t struggle with these demands. The new SpaceMaker Series of Electronic Cables delivers the toughness you expect from Belden, but with a smaller diameter and more flexible design that is tailor-made for the needs of today’s machine builders.

You can easily slide these cables into narrow pass-throughs and around tight corners, while maintaining reliable signal transmission for mission-critical applications.


Featuring Reduced Size with Increased Flexibility 

• Up to 52% reduced cable area compared to industry standard electronic cables

• Up to 74% tighter bend radius compared to industry standard electronic cables

• Increased cable life with 1 million flex life cycles

• Increased flex life for use in moving environments

Enhancing Your System Design and Operations 

• Run more cables in existing space or eliminate excess space from your designs

• Simplify installation by routing cables around tight corners or in hard to reach spaces more easily

• Reduce maintenance cost while protecting against downtime

• Maintain peace of mind even when your installation is exposed to liquids, extreme temperatures, abrasion, chemical exposure and heavy vibration

• Backed by Belden’s 10-year industry leading warranty

• Suitable for use in NFPA 79 applications

Tailor-Made for Your Applications 

• Internal machine wiring

• Control cabinet wiring where space is constrained

• Product lines with machines that require precise movements

• Device-to-device wiring, connecting sensors, encoders, push-buttons, actuators and more

• Enhanced protection from liquids, extreme temperatures, abrasion, chemical exposure and heavy vibration

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