Allen Bradley IEC Terminal Block Accessories Available at BgB Supply

At BgB Supply, we strive to provide you with everything you need for your industrial control panels in one convenient location. We offer a wide selection of Allen Bradley IEC terminal blocks and IEC terminal block accessories. If you need something that isn’t listed on our site or need help selecting the correct product, use our live chat or fill out our Ask An Expert form and we’ll make sure you get what you need! Allen Bradley IEC terminal block accessories that we offer include: end barriers, center and side jumpers, DIN rail, and terminal block markers and anchors.


terminal-end-barrier-sub-category-imageEnd Barriers
End barriers are required to provide the necessary insulation for the last terminal block in a group. They are available in multiple colors and are notated with the terminal block types that they are suited for.



Center & Side Jumpers
Jumpers use the terminal block wire openings to connect separate poles. Multi-pole jumpers can be serve multiple uses as they can be cut into a smaller number of poles. The back of IEC style jumpers are insulated with plastic. An adjacent partition plate provides the necessary electrical spacings between adjacent jumpers or between exposed ends of cut jumpers.

Screw Type Center Jumpers
Screw type center jumpers are insulated and are available in 2 to 50-pole configurations. They mount with screws in to the screw type terminal blocks and provide a secure connection that won’t shift if disturbed.

Screwless Type Center Jumpers
Screwless type center jumpers are insulated and are available in 2 to 50-pole configurations. They mount without screws into the both spring-clamp terminal blocks and some screw terminal blocks, allowing for quick and versatile installation.

Side Jumpers
Side jumpers are a great solution for quick connections, but aren’t as secure as secure as mounted center jumpers with screws. Side jumpers carry the same current rating as the terminal block used with it.

din-rail-sub-category-imageDIN Rail
DIN rail mounting rails allow many blocks to be fastened in a panel with only a few screws to anchor the rail to the panel. Mounting rails allow easy installation and removal of a block in a row.


Other Accessories
BgB Supply also offers a selection of other IEC terminal block accessories including markers and anchors. Visit our website today to purchase Allen Bradley IEC terminal block accessories.